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‍I'm an experimental musician, programmer, builder, artist and general library geek.
My focus areas include New Media Art techniques, multiple programming languages, and digital fabrication tools, as well as working on interactive interfaces and wearable technologies.
I'm the co-director of LORKAS, the Laptop Orchestra of Arizona State and Education Coordinator in the school of Arts, Media and Engineering at ASU.
I also have nine years of assorted library experience  - from patron records to volunteer management to running bake sales.
I'd love to build you something weird.


BA 2015 – Digital Culture, Media Processing.
studied new media art techniques, several programming languages, and digital fabrication tools. focused on interactive interfaces and wearable technologies. re-founded and co-chaired Digital Culture Underground, the undergraduate student association for the School of Arts, Media and Engineering.


2015 - Digital Fabrication Assistant.
worked in the school of Arts, Media and Engineering Digital Realization Lab at Arizona State. Aided and instructed student use on laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC machines and traditional shop tools. Also was a student leader in CreatorSpace, dedicated to the idea of creating through technology and collaboration.



2015 - LORKAS Director
directed the Laptop Orchestra of Arizona State (lorkas). recorded album 'nodes' in 2015 (release December 1, 2015). Worked with notable figures such as Cycling 74’s Tim Place, Negativland’s Mark Hosler, IRCAM's Diemo Schwarz and experimental musician Jon Weiss. Performed at multiple ASU venues, The Firehouse (Phoenix, AZ) and The Trunk Space (Phoenix, AZ).


2006+ - many roles
several roles at Tempe Public Library and the Friends of the Tempe Public Library. Managed patron records, item records, adult volunteers, youth volunteers and actual items. assisted in adult, teen and youth programming as well as fundraising activities. provided tech support for patrons and proofreading for staff. 



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2015 Festival
Performed with Fluid Dynamics (in a new iteration with Gino Ceresia), during night two of a four day series at Firecreek Coffee in Flagstaff, AZ.



2015 Conference
Meeting with other media-engaged college students with a similar passion for cultural enterprise and media outreach in Nashville, TN. 



2014 Conference
Contracted by Google to host wearable technologies arts-and-crafts style demos at their sponsored after-party/mixer for professional women in engineering fields.

grace hopper


2015 Concert - 8 hour
2016 Concert - 10 hour

Performed both with lorkas and with new instrument Fluid Dynamics (with Gino Ceresia) at The Trunk Space in Phoenix, AZ  (2015) and the Mesa Art Center in Mesa, AZ (2016). 

oh my ears


2014 Winner - Fluid Dynamics
2015 Winner - Mechanical Synth
Two Time Winner (with Gino Ceresia) in a head-to-head DIY instrument challenge.

oh my ears

Mixed medium mixed theme

2016 - Sound Installation
Hosted Fluid Dynamics as an interactive sound installation in an exhibition of up-and-coming new artists at the Phoenix Center for the Arts in Phoenix, AZ.



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you can follow smaller projects and current events at wordpress.
you can view her resume here.

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